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Cash Automation Platform

Trovata is the first solution built on open banking that's designed for companies > $20 million in revenue. We remove tasks that don't add value, so you can focus on what does.

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All of your cash positions in one dashboard

Trovata is pre-integrated with most banks. Connect in minutes and stay connected. No more downloading .CSV files from banking websites to update your cash positions.

All Balances & Transactions

Centralized across all banks and bank accounts. Tag by region, entity, or division. Trovata also translates all non-USD denominated amounts into USD equivalents.

Mobile Reporting for Executives

Trovata is a powerful way to communicate your company's financial position to senior leadership and major stakeholders using our reporting app for iPhone and iPad. 



Cash Management Has Never Been Easier

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Forecasting designed by high-growth CFOs, Controllers, and Treasurers

Trovata makes it easy to build and update your company's cash forecast.

Dynamic Workflows

Automated data feeds for A/R, A/P, Inventory, Capex, Payroll, and Financing/Other. Process updates in real time, and work with existing spreadsheets through bi-directional excel integration.

Always Know Where You Stand

Track against pre-defined thresholds or your company's board approved plan. Receive mobile alerts, and use Trovata Snapshots for past comparisons and version control.

Model Cash with Ease

Need to understand the potential cash impact of different business decisions? Trovata scenario modeling lets you analyze cash impacts on-the-fly.



Pre-built integrations with banking leaders and accounting software enable instant onboarding.


Plus most commercial banks in North America



Coming Soon!


Automate Your Cash Management Today

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Built to Scale

Cash is King

From startups to global enterprises, cash is king. That’s why we support companies of any size.

Highly Secure

We leverage native AWS server-less architecture, bank level encryption, and single tenant data security.

Priced for Any Company

With monthly fees meant to scale with finance organizations from 1 to 100.