'Master the Art of Cash Forecasting & Reporting Automation with Trovata'

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With recent open banking innovations, new software has emerged that automates a lot of the tedious workflows associated with cash forecasting & reporting, while also incorporating the ‘art’ which factors in an accountant’s unique wisdom about the business and industry
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Save Hours. Use Automation

Are you tasked with doing manual workflows for cash reporting?
We get it - Excel is great for a lot of tasks, but using it for this sucks.
In partnership with banks like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and many more, we created the only software that pulls information directly from banks and erps and helps streamline tedious workflows, like bank reconciliations, cash management, reporting and forecasting.
No, we are not talking about old, legacy systems that cost a fortune and take months to set up. Trovata requires no implementation or IT resources from your team. You can be up and running in as little as 3 hours. Did we mention our 30-day no risk pilot period for qualifying accounts?

Built for modern accounting teams

Don't take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.
“Before Trovata, we were manually doing all reporting in Excel and sending that to the CFO for review. We were able to automate this process and our CEO is able to log into the portal and view real-time reporting.”
Faheem Sorathia, Former Accounting Manager at Emerald Expositions
"Open banking is going to be revolutionary. Being able to take advantage of that with a truly cloud based application that you can get started with very quickly is hugely powerful."
Tim Murphy, Treasurer at Square
"Trovata has saved me multiple times when I just needed a quick view of cash trends. I simply used my phone to login. It was so easy."
Aurelia Sirbu, CFO at Orbus
“Our clients are looking for a better way to visualize and analyze cash flows and the need for such a solution has become even more germane given the unprecedented volatility in our global economy.”
Jason Tiede, Managing Director & Global Head of Innovation, Wholesale Payments at J.P. Morgan

Accountant Testimonial

Trovata is an open banking platform that lets companies  instantly know how much cash they have, forecast more quickly, and manage cash flow with precision.

The perfect accounting tool

  • Improved cash visibility
  • Real-time cash reporting
  • Automated cash forecasting
  • Real-time cash dashboard available on mobile
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30 Day Pilot. No IT Required.
75% of the work that goes into analyzing cash is manually compiling the source data and rolling over Excel models for most companies. Put an end to manual workflows with Trovata.io
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