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Financial Controllers are streamlining tedious manual workflows for cash forecasting & reporting.
Cash forecasting used to be a mess of spreadsheets and scattered data, but Trovata makes it simple by collecting and normalizing data, then generating a forecast, all in one platform.
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Save Hours. Use Automation

Are you tasked with doing manual workflows for cash forecasting? We get it - Excel is great for a lot of tasks, but using it for this sucks.
Trovata integrates with banks so all balances and transactions are in one place. We automate all cash reporting & provide a daily direct method cash flow statement that fully automates variance analysis. These automations allow you to spend less time doing manual workflows and more time providing analysis.
Access real-time, actionable insights from your smartphone or desktop. Trovata's smart technology automates reporting around AR/AP and other functional cash types, cash positions & balances, cash flow analysis & cash forecasting.

Built for Modern Accounting Professionals

Don't take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.
“Before Trovata, we were manually doing all reporting in Excel and sending that to the CFO for review. We were able to automate this process and our CEO is able to log into the portal and view real-time reporting.”
Faheem Sorathia, Former Accounting Manager at Emerald Expositions
"Open banking is going to be revolutionary. Being able to take advantage of that with a truly cloud based application that you can get started with very quickly is hugely powerful."
Tim Murphy, Treasurer at Square
"Trovata has saved me multiple times when I just needed a quick view of cash trends. I simply used my phone to login. It was so easy."
Aurelia Sirbu, CFO at Orbus
“Our clients are looking for a better way to visualize and analyze cash flows and the need for such a solution has become even more germane given the unprecedented volatility in our global economy.”
Jason Tiede, Managing Director & Global Head of Innovation, Wholesale Payments at J.P. Morgan

Same-Day Onboarding

  • Trovata is pre-integrated with JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, HSBC, PNC, SVB, and many others...we can get you up and running fast with no implementation/IT required!
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