Case Study

Caruso Transforms Their Cash Management Capabilities with Trovata

Automating cash reporting that drives better analysis

Caruso is an industry-renowned luxury real-estate business. Based in the Los Angeles area, Caruso is known for its best-in-class property portfolio and five-star hospitality. 

In order to manage their network of property accounts and cash streams, Caruso challenged Trovata to provide easily accessible, high-quality cash insights on a single platform.

Using patented API technology, Trovata consolidated cash data across all of Caruso’s properties and accounts for multi-bank reporting and simplified transaction searches.

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Trovata improved Caruso's ability to: 

  • Connect quickly to get multi-bank visibility in real-time
  • Access data-rich cash insights without the hassle
  • Automate tedious manual cash management workflows

The Trovata Platform leverages API connections, Artificial Intelligence, and proprietary machine learning algorithms to create a centralized cash data source.

Trovata's features like AutoCast™ and Cash Flow Tags™ simplify and automate a company's tedious cash management workflow, ultimately saving resources and minimizing error-prone manual work.